• Charles Willson Peale (April 15, 1741 – Feb. 22, 1827) was an American painter, soldier, scientist, inventor, politician, and naturalist. He is best remembered for his portrait paintings of leading figures of the American Revolution, as well as for establishing one of the first museums.

    Born in 1741 in Chester, Queen Anne’s County, MD, Peale became an apprentice to a saddle maker when he was 13 years old. When he got older, he opened his own saddle shop, but his political enemies conspired to bankrupt his business. He tried fixing clocks and working with metals, but both of these businesses failed as well. He then took up painting. (more…)

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  • July 4, 2016 — David Bruce Smith’s Grateful American™ Foundation is proud to release “Grateful American™ Kids Rock!” The music video stars students from The Steward School in Richmond, VA, who rap and dance to lyrics that honor America’s Founding Fathers and Founding Mothers.

    “David Bruce Smith and I are incredibly excited to launch, and can’t think of a better way to do it than to have 30 students from The Steward School sing about the founders in a fun, educational manner,” says Hope Katz Gibbs, executive producer of the Grateful American™ Foundation, who penned the lyrics to “Grateful American™ Kids Rock!”

    Smith and Gibbs are especially grateful to Bonnie Anderson and John McAlister, The Steward School’s music teachers who put the beat to the words and helped the students rock out on the lyrics. Thanks, too, to The Steward School’s Cary Jamieson, director of the Bryan Innovation Lab, and Rachel Williard, director of marketing and communications. And kudos to the marvelous moms at The Steward School who supplied all the costumes and helped dress the students. (more…)

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