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Terrific Travel Spots

  • George Washington House (Barbados)

    In 1751–at the age of 19– George Washington was traveling with his ailing, half-brother, Lawrence. They stopped–at what is now known as the George Washington House. In 2011, the property was designated as “UNESCO protected” within the World Heritage Site of Historic Bridgetown and its Garrison area. It is believed Barbados is the only country […]

  • Colonial Williamsburg, VA

    When President Clinton arrived at Kingsmill Resort near Williamsburg on he huddled in the owner’s mansion with Senate Democrats before playing 18 holes of golf. After he finished the round, he made his way to a small reception in the conference area where he shook hands with Kingsmill executives. Executive chef Joseph Durante, however, he embraced. […]

  • Philadelphia, PA

    When you take the kids to historic Philadelphia, you’ll Want to Reserve a Table at Ralph’s—Philly’s oldest Italian restaurant. Perhaps the most distinguished patron to dine at the 9th Street restaurant was Theodore Roosevelt, who in 1900 ate at Ralph’s when he was in Philadelphia as a delegate to the Republican National Convention. That was […]

  • Florida Bay’s Historic Hideaway

    In 1947, President Harry Truman declared the Everglades a national park dedicated to the protection of endangered species, birds and wildlife indigenous to the region. Today it is home to 350 species of rare birds, including roseate spoonbills, ospreys, great white herons, bald eagles and anhinga. There are manatees, alligators, crocodiles, otters and green sea […]

  • Annapolis, MD

    Take the kids and Annapolis, MD, home to the Continental Congress in 1783-84, and the city where Charles Willson Peale settled after returning from England. There are dozens of historic venues to explore, places to eat, and wonderful hotels to stay in — including the three grand Historic Inns of Annapolis, which offer a glimpse into what life might have […]

  • Richmond, Virginia

    It’s always a great time to visit the capital of the Commonwealth of Virginia — Richmond. Of course you’ll want to stay at a historic site. While there are plenty of hotels to choose from, none has the charm of the Linden Row Inn. Tucked between the city’s business district and Virginia Commonwealth University — at 100 East Franklin […]

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