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Elbert Green Hubbard, American writer, publisher, and artist

Elbert Green Hubbard (June 19, 1856 – May 7, 1915) was an American writer, publisher, artist, and philosopher. Raised in Hudson, Illinois, he had early success as a traveling salesman for the Larkin Soap Company.

  • Hubbard is known best as the founder of the Roycroft artisan community in East Aurora, New York, an influential exponent of the Arts and Crafts Movement.
  • Among his many publications were the 14-volume work, “Little Journeys to the Homes of the Great,” and the short publication “A Message to Garcia.”
  • He and his second wife, Alice Moore Hubbard, died aboard the RMS Lusitania when it was sunk by a German submarine off the coast of Ireland on May 7, 1915.

Source: Click here to learn more about Elbert Green Hubbard.

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